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One of the greatest recreational games ever invented by man is the game of chess. Touted as the ‘Game of Kings’, chess is played and enjoyed by all and sundry all over the world. You do not have to be a genius to enjoy or play the game: so long as you have a willing opponent, you can benefit from the game of strategies called chess.


Chess appeals to people of all classes, races, and creed as it is used to sharpen the minds of players, to fill in time or to participate in tournaments for glory and world recognition. Serious players simply love studying the game, philosophy, the strategy as well as the conceivable movements of the chess pieces.



The goal of every average player of the game of chess was to play the game without interruption, and therefore, a regular chess board was more than sufficient enough for this. But with time, it got upgraded to chess tables.



A chess table is a table-like structure that is constructed in such a way that makes it useful to play the game of chess. A regular chess board is an essential part of a chess tabletop with two separate drawers integrated into the structure to help hold the chess pieces when they are not in use.



Different types of chess tables exist today: there are wooden chess tables made with mahogany, rosewood, and cedar. These chess tables that are made of solid wood are very popular with exotic versions available all over the place.


Many universities and cities have antique chess tables in their gardens and parks. Even coffeehouses are not left out as you can see the chess tables which resemble picnic tables there.



A good chess table should showcase the following features:


  • Built-in chess clock
  • Built-in drawers on both sides for storing captured chess pieces, pencils/pens, books/score sheets, etc. and even drink holders (to prevent your favorite beverage from spilling onto the table).
  • Comes just as high enough as a dining table, which is perfect. A lower height means players will have to sit with hunched shoulders, and this is not a good posture for long thinks.



Chess players should consider using chess tables because of the features mentioned above as opposed to using chess boards. Not only will players be able to prevent accidental spilling of their beverages, but they will also have or use drawers to hold captured chessmen as well as to store other paraphernalia that pertains to the game of chess.


Here are three of the best chess tables recommended for serious players of this game of strategy:



i.    Genuine Italy Alabaster Chess Table:

The Genuine Italy Alabaster Chess table
The Genuine Italy Alabaster Chess table. Source:

If what you are looking for is true craftsmanship that will allow you enjoy the game you love, then you have found it in this extraordinary chess table. The Genuine Italy Alabaster Chess Table consists of board squares which are built using rich Italian alabaster in ivory white and marbled brown. Each of the squares on this table has been cut and decorated by hand to produce a smooth, playing surface. The board is 25 inches and constructed of 3.125-inch squares. Experts suggest that pairing them with pieces that are no more than 2.75 inches or smaller is the best. The finest chess pieces that complement the Genuine Italy Alabaster Chess Table are The Sun King Louis The XIV Chess Pieces.



The chess board is positioned on an elegant table that is crafted from rock-hard wood with a rich walnut varnish. It is the type of chess table you had love to be in your impressive office or tucked away in your study or even positioned on the porch of a spacious villa. The scalloped corners, as well as spun legs, illustrate classic craftsmanship while the integral drawer keeps your chess pieces looking uncluttered and need and also offer the added benefit of protection. The dimensions of the inside drawer are 23.5L x 12.5D x 2.5H inches.



The Genuine Italy Alabaster Chess table is available for shipping to any part of the world for just $2,390.


ii.    Walnut Player’s Chess Table USA:

The Walnut Player’s Chess Table USA
The Walnut Player’s Chess Table USA. Source:

What makes the Walnut Player’s Chess Table USA different from other types of chess tables is the fact that it comes with a multi-use stylish design that enables the saving of a lot of space.



It comes with side shelves that are ideal for players to stow away captured chess pieces as well as to hold a chess timer during the game. To create a minimalist look, just disconnect them and place them on the table. It comes equipped with a lever that users can use to elevate the playing board at any time, thus revealing additional storage space for timers, pieces, and the like.



The Walnut Player’s Chess Table USA is crafted by hand and is made according to the high-quality standards and specification in the USA. The solid block construction gives no room for veneer finishes as it is made entirely of maple and walnut.



The Walnut Player’s Chess Table USA is currently in stock and can be purchased at $795.00 only and can be shipped to any part of the world.


iii.    The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table:

The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table
The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table. Source:

This perfectly proportioned wooden chess game table was designed by chess players who need to face serious-minded competitors. This is a makeshift chess table is designed such that it can blend in with virtually any décor. There is enough room for a score pad, chess clock, captured chess pieces as well as your beloved beverage.



The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table is designed with special care and perfect proportions to enable users to enjoy their favorite game of strategy.



The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table stands at 30inches tall and crafted from fine mahogany. Its playing surface measures 34inches long and 28inches between chess players while the game field is no more than 19inches square. The top of the Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table features squares (2-3/8inches) of curly maple and rosewood and comes with a single drawer that is 2inches deep and 15inches long. Chess players can store chess pieces and other items in it.



It is big enough for tournament-sized Staunton chess pieces with heights of the King that range between 3.625inches and 4.4inches. Square sizes 2.375inches was chosen so that it can work well with almost all sets of chessmen, from club-sized 4.4inches chess pieces to tournament-sized 3.75inches.



The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table has the Camaratta Signature, as well as the House of Staunton logos, stamped on the inside of the drawer, denoting this product as a House of Staunton creation without diminishing its aesthetic beauty.


The Camaratta Signature Master Chess Table costs $295 and can be shipped to any part of the globe.


Choosing a chess table is not rocket science. But don’t be daunted by the vast array of chess tables with different styles and designs that you will come across when you start performing your research. You will encounter many high-quality and well-made chess tables on the market, most of which will fascinate you endlessly. However, before you rush off to click the ‘order now’ or ‘add to cart’ button, you need to stop and consider your options.


One of the first things you should keep in mind is about what you are looking for in a chess table. You need to ensure that the chess table you end up purchasing is a viable investment that will keep you happy for several years to come.

Secondly, your budget will go a long way in determining the type of chess table to purchase. Don’t be surprised to see chess tables with prices that range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Obviously, you’d want to lay your hands on the most impressive and high-quality chess table you can find that fits your budget. So before you even start doing your research, make up your mind as regards how much money you are willing to spend. If you follow the cheap route, you will get what you paid for: a cheap product. You will always come across chess tables of high quality that fits your budget if you search diligently enough.


The third factor you should consider when shopping for your chess table has to do with its size. This depends largely on how much space you have in the area where you want to position it. Chess tables come in various sizes; some can be as massive as coffee tables while others can be so tiny, they look like end tables. What do you want to use your chess table for? Is it for utility or entertaining purposes? Your answer to these questions should determine the size you go for.


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Chess tables are crafted in various styles and with different materials. The best types of chess tables to go for are the types that fit the décor or theme of your home. There is no way a chess table with curvy pillars and ornate base will fit into your home that is designed in a contemporary style. Such chess tables will only fit in a home that is designed traditionally or in a country-style décor.



Additionally, most antique chess tables are made of wood. Nevertheless, you can go for chess tables with boards with inlaid brass or alabaster which will make them more eye-catching and blends easily in modern settings.



In conclusion, chess tables are multifaceted pieces of furniture which you must take care to correctly choose if you want to enjoy playing the game for a long time down the road.